At B. R. Jalan Securities Pvt Ltd, we have an entrepreneurial, friendly and open work culture that strives to enhance the knowledge and deliver result which has made us one of Indias prominent Financial Services Company. We create high-energy environments where our people can thrive—and we bring a commonality to those environments so that people from one area of our business can work seamlessly with others. We actively seek a diverse range of professionals to deliver specialised services to our clients across the country.

What we look for is personal values, dynamism, skill, customer centricity, passion and high-energy, to continuously nurture an enjoyable professional culture. You’ll work with diverse teams of highly motivated people who are collaborative and results-focused and focused on delivering value for our clients. You’ll have the chance to learn from all of them—supportive, approachable leaders and colleagues with deep market relevant skills and expertise. This unique team culture offers you a diverse network of skilled, respected colleagues and leaders who are committed to helping you – and ultimately our clients – succeed.

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